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Course Overview

BELTEI International University is a university where English is used as medium of instruction of all subjects. In each faculty, local and foreign lecturer conduct course in English using an international program of study.

(BELTEI's) Bridging Course is intended to raise the English language skills of students to a sufficient level, so they will have the ability and be ready for higher education effectively by focusing on the 5 macro-skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading and thinking at 2 different levels.

Upon completion the bridging course, students will be able to obtain a certificate as a confirmation of study issued by the university, and students can attend the foundation year course automatically (For the students who hold High School Diploma or the equivalent).

Admission Requirements

Both female and male candidates from 15 years old are allowed to attend the Bridging Course regardless any qualifications.

Candidates are required to take an enrollment test before the admission.

-Intake Dates

First Intake:       1st October
Second Intake:  1st March

Program of Study (One year Program)

Semester1 / BC1

Semester2 / BC2

Skills Focused:
1. Reading and Vocabulary 1
2. Basic Writing Skills 1
3. Grammar and Composition 1
4. Listening and Speaking 1
5. Short Stories 1

Duration: 6 months

Teachers: 1 Khmers and 1 Foreigner

Skills Focused:
1. Reading and Vocabulary 2
2. Basic Writing Skills 2
3. Grammar and Composition 2
4. Listening and Speaking 2
5. Short Stories 2

Duration: 6 months

Teachers: 2 Khmers and 1 Foreigner


alan doe

Dr.LY Chheng

Founder and Director-General of BELTEI Group

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5 Main Services Offered

1.Grade A students got Scholarships 100% for 4 years from Oknha Ly Cheng

2.Providing overseas study Service to all types of Cambodian students

3.Sending Cambodia students from all over the nation to take study touroverseas

4.Overseas students exchange programs for study Master Degree and PHD

5.Sending students to sercies their internship programs overseas